Bunkie High School

Boys Basketball


5 Pillars of Success

      1. Discipline

      2. Dedication

      3. Accountability

      4. Clear Communication

      5. Servant Leadership

“Be tougher than your            circumstances”

Head Coach of
High School:
Jamelle Juneau
Assistant Coach of HighSchool:
Jordan Jackson
Assistant Coach of
Robert Robinson
Head Coach of
Middle School:
Willie Garner

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In our basketball program, we are committed to the doing things the right way on and off the court. We will work every day to ensure that we are building a successful program that is based off our 5 pillars of success. These pillars are discipline, dedication, accountability, clear communication, and servant leadership. Understanding and committing to building these pillars will help convert our boys into successful young men who will become leaders in our community.

It is my belief that any and every member of our program must be a student athlete with a focus on doing the right thing at the right time, every time. Our student athletes will learn to strive for greatness in the classroom, become model citizens in the community and to become a part of a team who finds great success on and off the court. Our program will learn to be servants by giving back to our community and our school.  Being a member of our program will be much greater than making shots, playing defense, or wearing a uniform. It will be about restoring pride in our school and community while becoming the absolute best individuals we can become.

Athletes in our program 1st priority will be becoming a well-rounded student. We will push for the utmost level of success as individuals and a team, striving to achieve a high GPA while having a true understanding of what is taught. The value of a proper education is unmatched when leading a successful life. We have and will continue to show support for our student athletes and build a desire to be leaders in the classroom.

Our program will support the growth of our student athletes every way possible. Whether it be in extra-curricular activities such as the Student Council, joining clubs, participation in other sports, etc. I believe that participating in these will only enhance their understanding of our core values because they will see things from different perspectives. We will make every effort to unite our school and work together with every program and in doing so, we will only see the positive outcomes of preparing our student athletes for life after school.

Our job as a staff will not begin in November and end in March. It will continue all year long as we stay committed to our student athletes and provide multiple opportunities for them to grow. Champions are made in the offseason and we will use every moment possible to reach our goals. Year around academic tracking and weight training programs will be in place. Skill development will take place during our winter and summer seasons and will be available for each member to complete on their own at all times.

At Bunkie, we will be deeply invested in our young men. Knowing each person is unique in their own way, we will be constructively critical of current methods while continually striving to find new innovative methods and practices to teach each student about our 5 pillars of success. We will help them grow into people that will be successful in any environment and that our school & community can be proud of.