FBLA Raffle


The BHS FBLA  club held a raffle ticket fundraiser to raise funds to help send them to district convention in January. The winners are:

3rd Place – Receiving a Bath & Body Works gift basket and gift certificate from Papa J’s Donuts – Lenon Johnson

2nd Place – Receiving a Slap Ya Mama gift basket and a 5 pound box of sausage from T’Jim’s – Amanda Mose

1st Place – Receiving a Chromebook donated by Detel, a gift basket donated by City Drug & a $30 Amazon gift card – Ashley Lemoine

Congratulations to all of the winners, and a HUGE THANK YOU to all of the sponsors for their donations. We appreciate ya’ll!

Winners can pick up their prizes in the front office of Bunkie High School.

School Performance Score

B Rated
B Rated

The state department of education released SPS scores today.  Bunkie High’s score is an 83.8 B! We went up 8.9 points from our last SPS score and we are 6.2 points away from an A!  This is HIGHEST growth in the district and we are the HIGHEST rated public school, that does not have an acceptance process, in the district. This is the result of A LOT of hard work by A LOT students and faculty.  We are proud of our faculty, staff, and students for this HUGE accomplishment.

Homecoming Announcements

Homecoming Week will be October 19-22, 2021; Dances on Saturday, October 23


Tuesday, October 19th -Dynamic Duo/ Twin Day! Pick your favorite duo and
recreate it (Salt and Pepper, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Anna and Elsa)or match
with your bestfriend!(Appropriate jeans may be worn..no holes in jeans, no
jeggings, and no leggings/tights.)

Wednesday, October 20th -Generation Day! Which age do you think is your
favorite? Dress as a baby, sorority/frat college kid, middle aged mom/dad life, or
an old grandparent! (Appropriate jeans may be worn..no holes in jeans, no
jeggings, and no leggings/tights.)

Thursday, October 21st – Superhero vs Villain Day! Dress as your favorite
superhero or villain from any movie/show. (Appropriate jeans may be worn..no
caps/hats, no holes in jeans, no jeggings, and no leggings/tights.)

Friday, October 22nd – Fire Up Your Panther Spirit!!!! Red and White Day! Wear
your Bunkie Panther 2021 HoCo t-shirt with jeans or khakis for the pep rally at 3
pm! Any red BHS spirit t-shirt will also be allowed with appropriate
jeans/khakis. Spirit squads and football uniforms will count.

Friday, October 22nd – Bunkie Panthers vs Winnfield Tigers @ 7:00 PM. Support
your Panthers by wearing red and white to the game!

Saturday, October 23rd – Homecoming Dances

The 2021 HoCo dances are semi-formal events. Girls – short or long dresses may
be worn (follow APSB guidelines). Boys – dress pants, dress shirts, and ties are
encouraged. NO jeans or hats allowed. Dress appropriately and respect yourself.

Middle School Dance: 6:00 PM – 8PM- Doors will be locked at 6:15PM and reopened
at 7:45PM.

High School Dance: 8:15PM – 10:30 PM- Doors will open @ 8:15 PM for high school
and be locked @ 8:30 PM. Dance will end @ 10:30 PM.
*Tickets are $15 for BHS students and $25 for guests (guests are only allowed @
the high school dance and approved by Coach Chuck). Once you enter the dance,
you must stay inside until the lock in is over. The age limit for guests is 19 years
old and no middle school student may attend the high school dance/no high
school student may attend the middle school dance. Tickets WILL NOT be sold @
the door.
If your date attends another high school or isn’t a BHS student, a guest form with a copy of
his/her school ID and driver’s license must be completed and given to Mrs. Jill Tassin by

Wednesday, October 20th before a guest ticket may be purchased. Guest tickets are $25. .
Forms will NOT BE FAXED to or from other schools. Forms must be hand
**APPROPRIATE JEANS = jeans with no holes, designs, or chains; no jeggings/leggings.

PARTICIPATION!! Our school’s theme is…Panthers Torch the Tigers!

SPIRIT WEEK COMPETITIONS: Choose a theme for your class! Each class’s theme must be
approved by Coach Kate so no theme is repeated. ex. “Panthers Tackle the Tigers!”.
Class Competitions: Pizza party for winners of spirit week!!!!

1. Red and White Doors: Each class will have a designated door to decorate. Doors will be
decorated in red & white to symbolize school colors using the theme chosen for your class.
❖ Seniors: office door; Juniors: counselor’s office; Sophomores: Mrs. Kourtny’s door;
Freshman: Coach Reagan’s door; 8th Grade: MS entrance door (Ms. Rhonda’s side); 7th
Grade MS entrance door (Ms. Liz’s side). Doors must be decorated by Tuesday, October
19th by 3:50pm.
❖ Only one extra door per class may be decorated for extra points…must be a homeroom
teacher. Doors must be decorated by Tuesday, October 19th by 3:50pm. Ask Mrs. Jill if
you have any questions and let her know if you decorated an extra door.
❖ Get your door paper from Mrs. Jill asap

2.Class Chant: See Mrs. Mckenzie for any questions.
❖ The chant can only be one minute in length and incorporate your theme. Chants will be
performed during the parade and Friday’s school pep rally.
❖ A typed copy of the chant must be turned in to Mrs. Mckenzie by Thursday, October 21st
@ noon. Chants should be appropriate with no curse words and chanted loudly!
❖ Chants will be said at the pep rally at school on the friday.

3.Class Spirit Sheet: Each class will paint a Spirit Sheet that will be hung @ the school pep rally
on Friday and the game. Sheets must be turned in by 8am Friday morning to Mrs. Jill or Coach
Kate. See Mrs. Jill or Coach Kate for questions. After the pep rally it is your classes
responsibility to take the sheet to the football field to be hung.
❖ Spirit sheets must be flat twin size white sheets. Get your sheet from Mrs. Jill; they are
available now. Your sheet must be painted horizontal! Your class year and theme must
be on the sheet and decorated to illustrate your class theme (the theme used to create
your float, door, and sheet), and the Panthers!

4. Class Floats: Each class will decorate a class float using a theme…ex. “Panthers tackle the
Tigers!” for the parade. FLOATS MUST BE STUDENT MADE!!!!!
Every class is encouraged to participate in the parade on Thursday, October 21st at 6pm. There
will be a short pep rally following the parade at the football field. Lineup for the parade is at
the old Winn Dixie parking lot on Shirley Road @ 5:30pm. See Coach Kate for a float form or
❖ Drivers must be 21 years or older and have proof of insurance…NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!
❖ A BHS teacher MUST ride on each class float.
❖ Students must ride on the float…not in the back of trucks!!
❖ Students must have a BHS parade permission form to ride the float.
See Coach Kate Hillman for permission forms.
❖ All members on the float must be classified with their class. If a student rides another
class’s float, both classes will be disqualified from all homecoming competitions.
❖ The music must be clean and free of curse words.
❖ No alcohol/any type of tobacco is allowed on school property or in any school event . If a
student is caught with alcohol/tobacco or under the influence of alcohol or using
tobacco products, students will be disciplined based on the APSB guidelines.

5. VolleyBall Tournament: Get with your class and enter a team to play in the 1st annual
Homecoming Glow in the Dark Volleyball tournament on Wednesday night from 6pm-8pm. Each
class will have one team (we will take 2 teams from your class if participation is high) and will
play in a single elimination tournament. All teams must be turned in to Coach Kate by
Wednesday at 2pm to play that night. All teams must have 6 boys and 2 girls. Games will take
place at the softball field.

Canned Food Drive

Our canned food drive has begun and will last until the end of November.

We have won the canned food drive for the past three years and have set our goal for 10,000 pounds this year.

There are different incentives for bringing cans.

5 cans equals a free shirt or bottoms

10 cans is a free dress

15 cans is a free KIR pass.

Every student who brings 40 cans will be allowed to attend a fun day later in the school year.

Every student that brings 80 cans will receive a $10 concession coupon, and when you bring 100 cans you will receive 20 bonus points to split and use in 2 different classes.

canned food drive
canned food drive