Bunkie High School


Head Coach:

Liz Willis


Bunkie High School will offer participation in the middle school golf to boys and girls in 8th grade. Meetings will be during third block, after school on designated dates, and on some Mondays and/or Saturdays. We will announce the start date some time in October to prepare for the spring and continue through the end of the school year. This experience is designed to provide exposure and training; it is not intended to be competitive. In the future, there will be a golf team in high school and this is one way to prepare for this experience. Having access to golf clubs is helpful but not necessary.

Some of the basic skills, strategies, etiquette, and rules of the game will be taught. A local golf pro will come in to work with us on basic skills and knowledge of the game. We will meet once or twice at a local golf course to work on the driving range, the chipping green, and the putting green. We will take a tour of a championship tour golf course in our area and conduct interviews of golfers to find out why they play golf. We are looking forward to another successful year with the golf club!